Bricen G. McLaughlin was born and raised in Danville, VA; a small city in southern Virginia on the North Carolina border, with a population of approximately 44,000 people. 


He graduated from George Washington High School. His best memory from school is the fact that he graduated and closed that chapter. He also carries over 100 college credits hours; however, it seems that most colleges require that these credit hours be obtained in one major area of study instead of five before they present you with a degree. *sarcasm*


Bricen has managed multiple banks throughout Virginia, some large and some small. The responsibility of leading and motivating a team has taught him the importance of effective leadership and team dynamics. But most of all, his career has allowed him the opportunity to truly help people succeed and reach their personal goals.


Family truly means everything to Bricen. He is the youngest of three and has always had a close and very supportive family. His mother and father are the foundation of the family. It is because of them he knows hard work, patience, unconditional love, and what real success looks and feels like. His brother and sister are his biggest motivation. The more success they find, the more he wants to outdo them. There is nothing wrong with a little healthy family competition! He has twin girls whom he adores. He calls them his heartbeat. He says, “They are God's greatest blessing in his life and the best part of him.” Their birth truly changed his life.

“Through my struggles someone will find strength to go on.”

The Beginning of the Journey

Traumatic events at the age of 5 years old left him scarred. Unable to stop the pain inside of him from growing, the journey from pain to progress began. Bricen began his journey by defining what happiness means to him -true self- love and inner peace. In the continuous pursuit of happiness, thus far, Bricen’s happiest moment is the day he realized his true purpose. His purpose is to inspire a personal awakening in people by sharing his journey as he lived and continues to live it. His proudest moments are embracing that purpose and then finding the confidence within himself to walk alone on his path while sharing his truth. The most significant lesson he has learned so far, is to love who you see in the mirror first. In 2010, combined, these realizations birthed ‘From Pain 2 Progress’ saw the light and now the next portion of the journey has begun.